K-12 Field Trips

Apply to Bring a K-12 Class

Please contact Jessica Nielsen to discuss your field trip needs.  Apply at rams.ucnrs.org.  Restrictions exist during the Snowy Plover breeding season.

Our tour guides will accompany the field trip and can give a tour or assist your planned activity.  

K-12 classes usually visit the reserve through a program such as Kids in Nature (KIN) or through a guided field trip with the reserve staff.  These programs offer classes that fit the CA standards and are tailored to the reserve's habitats and wildlife.  

Maximum group sizes:

K-12: 20 (must be guided by reserve staff or volunteer)

Seasonal closures:

K-12 groups are permitted in approved trails and on the beach. The beach along the Snowy Plover nesting area may be closed to large groups during the nesting season (April-July) to reduce the risk of trampling on small chicks that walk away from the nesting area.  Small groups (less than 20) may visit the snowy plover nesting area if accompanied by the coordinator, Jessica Nielsen copr.conservation@lifesci.ucsb.edu


The tidepools in front of the Reserve have been designated a Marine Protect Area (MPA).  Since then, K-12 classes are encouraged to visit tidepools in other sites, outside of the MPA.