University Level Classes

Apply to Bring a University Level Class

Please send an online application to bring a class to the COPR at

Tip: if you bring your class every year, you just need one application.  Then add a new reservations each year.

Coal Oil Point Reserve receives over 20 courses each year, mostly from UCSB and Santa Barbara City College.  The reserve is an outdoor laboratory where students learn about field methods, experimentation, species identification, conservation, and restoration programs.  

The staff of the reserve can assist faculty with species identification, background information, logistics, and provide guided tours.

University level classes have helped create species lists for various habitats at the reserve.  

The reserve's proximity to campus is ideal for student research projects.  The reserve staff can assist with project ideas and help students design experiments that are feasible within the time restrictions of the student.

The Nature Center opened in 2017, and is now available to support classes that need a laboratory, museum, or conference room. 

All classes visiting the reserve require prior approval from the reserve director.  Please submit an online application.