Cape Ivy Removal & Coastal Poppy Enhancement Project




1.6 acres


North East Corner of Reserve


Goleta Valley Land Trust (through SB Audubon): $38,335


Purpose: The main goal was eradication of Cape Ivy from COPR.  The largest infestation, totaling 0.4 acres, was cleared in the first year, with extensive volunteer labor and interns. Cape ivy from several locations where Cape ivy had been previously removed was monitored for regrowth and removed.

The second major goal was enhancement of a Coastal Poppy population, a subspecies of the common California Poppy.  The flowers are yellow instead of orange, and there are some minor other physical variations.  By clearing weeds and mulching around the poppies, we have been able to promote establishment of many seedlings, expanding the density of the poppy patches.  405 native species were planted, about ½ poppies plus some shrubs such as Coast Goldenbush, CA fuchsia, Purple Needlegrass and CA sagebrush.