Devereux Slough Margin Enhancement




0.6 acres


Devereux Slough Margin


Wetlands Recovery Project (through SB Audubon): $24,400


Enhancement of the slough margin at Coal Oil Point Reserve by removal of invasive plant species (primarily Iceplant and New Zealand spinach) and revegetation of native species at the iceplant removal sites
671 Native plants were installed following the removal of iceplant.  Species included: Coast goldenbush, CA sagebrush, Mugwort, Beeplant, CA brome, Coast morning glory, CA fuchsia, CA buckwheat, Western goldenrod, Arroyo willow, Wood mint, Alkali ryegrass, Santa Barbara honeysuckle, and CA sunflower.  In addition, 2 populations of Western goldenrod were installed, Euthamia occidentalis, from seed collected at the Goleta Slough.  COPR Director Cris Sandoval expects that this species had been extirpated from the Reserve, and this is a re-introduction (from Goleta Slough watershed stock).