Slough Margin, Eastern Edge


1999 - 2001


Eastern margin of the slough and the vernal pool on west campus


Coastal Resource Program: $85,000. UCSB: 15,000 matching funds


The project included restoration of the slough margin and 7 vernal pools on west campus, the installation of benches and educational signs, and planting of vegetation to screen buildings south of the reserve’s field station.  The slough margin was dominated by iceplant that was killed by covering it with black plastic for 8 weeks.  The thatch was removed by hand and taken off-site.  None of the natural plant community endemic to this very degraded site remained to provide a model for restoration.  We used the plant communities found at nearby wetland sites (e.g. Hollister Ranch and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve), which are similar to COPR but less degraded, to determine which species to plant and their distributions in the restored areas.  Seedlings of several species from COPR were propagated in the Reserve’s greenhouse.