Phenology project
docent on duty
Students presenting a poster on the intertidal monitoring
Jessica making CA Least Tern decoys

What We Do

We provide a natural site for people interested in conducting research, teaching, or exploring the reserve's beautiful scenery and wildlife.  

We are part of the University of California and  are also part of a large system of reserves (39) called the University of California Natural Reserve System.  This system of reserves protects examples of natural ecosystems throughout the state of California to support research, education, and outreach.

We are stewards of this land and maintain and enhance these habitats.  We conduct innovative conservation and restoration projects using research and the best available information. 

We teach people about the reserve's natural history, past land use, and conservation stories.  In doing so, we inspire people to love and protect the habitats of the reserve.

We challenge the visitors to think about why they care.  We've learned that this is the biggest force behind what we do.