California Tree Frog

Pseudacris cadaverina





Pseudacris cadaverina, sometimes referred to as Hyla cadaverina, are small frogs, ranging from 2.9 - 5 cm in length (1). Difficult to see, P. cadaverina are cryptically colored to blend in with their environment, often grey or brown with dark blotches (1). Distribution is seasonally dependent with spring and summer bringing P. cadaverina close to small streams and still bodies of water, while the rainy seasons of falll and winter push P. cadaverina towards more stable habitats (2). Mating and foraging for invertebrates are common sights during spring and summer, though their activity is limited to the late afternoon and evening (2).

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(2) Harris, Roland T. "Seasonal Activity and Microhabitat Utilization in Hyla cadaverina (Anura: Hylidae)." Herpetologica31, no. 2 (June 1975): 236-39. 

(Photograph) © Alice Abela 


  • coastal freshwater pond