Crevice Kelpfish

Gibbonsia montereyensis





The Crevice Kelpfish is characterized by a rounded tail fin in addition to short pectoral fins (2).  This small fish can grow up to approximately 11 cm (1). While the geographic distribution of this kelpfish ranges from British Columbia to northern Baja California within the Eastern Pacific Ocean, the Crevice Kelpfish inhabits a rocky intertidal habitat (1).  These ranges encompass depths up to 21 m (1). The fish is quite common while maintaining little commercial value and can be viewed within aquariums or the wild (1).  


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(2)  Nelson, C., Donahoe, C., Harrer, S., Reed, D. (2010). A Field Guide to Kelp Forests of the Santa Barbara Channel. Retrieved from

( Photograph) © Joseph Dougherty, M.D./



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