Norris's Top Snail

Norrisia norrisii

Norrisia norrisi go by several common names including Norris’s topsnail and aptly kelp snail. They are medium sized snails, reaching diameters of 5.5 cm, with a dark red-brown shell and a bright red food (1). They are commonly found living among rocks or on kelp (1). While N. norrisi eat most types of brown algae, they preferentially feed on Macrocystis pyrifera (3). They exhibit diurnal migration while attached to kelp, migrating upwards towards more nutritious parts of the kelp during the day and moving downward during the night to avoid predation (3). Additionally, the morphology plays a large role in determining distribution of N. norrisi on kelp; with smaller snails more often found lower on kelp while larger snails are frequently found higher (2).


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(Photograph) Lovell and Libby Langstroth © California Academy of Sciences.