Orange Sulfer

Colias eurytheme





When observing physical attributes, the color varies significantly.  While males have an orange-yellow color, a wide black border, and a dark black cell spot, females are yellow or white with surrounding light spots on the wings.  In addition, the wing-span can range from 3.5-7cm.  The habitat includes a variety of areas including clover and alfalfa fields, mowed fields, and meadows.  The geographic distribution ranges from Southern Canada to central Mexico and includes the Florida peninsula.  Conservation of the Colias eurytheme is not required since the particular species is common, especially within North America.  One precaution that demands attention is that the caterpillars can potentially be very destructive within alfalfa fields.  Adult food sources are nectar from various flowers including dandelions and milkweeds.  In contrast, juvenile caterpillar food sources include a variety of plants within the pea family.  

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