Rove Beetle

Aleochara sulcicollis





A. sulcicollis is a small, robust rove beetles that occupies kelp wrack. They can be distinguished from B. fenyesi by two lines of hairs on the pronotum and gold, iridescent hairs on the abdomen. Their body size ranges from 2.5mm to 7.0mm. Adults likely prey on larval flies and are known to scavenge dead adult flies on the beach. These beetles are parasitoids on the pupae of kelp flies, such as F. rufitibia, which is a confirmed host (Schooler 2012). A. sulcicollis can be found in high numbers deep in the sand where fly pupae occur in the highes numbers. Larval A. sulcicollis will hatch from eggs placed inside these pupae by adult female, hatch, and consume the fly going through metamorphosis. This ecology is unique among rove beetles on the sandy beach.