Sitka Shrimp

Heptacarpus sitchensis


The Heptacarpus sitchensis has physical attributes including highly variable coloration on top of the body.  The carapace is often translucent and greenish, with distinctive thin oblique reddish stripes.  In addition, the background color of the carapace can be brown or white.  While the general length of the of the body is approximately 34mm, the males display the dimorphic characteristic of being relatively smaller.  The female shrimp, require a larger body size because the females produce offspring thus require more energy and more body mass.  In regard to the habitat, the sitka shrimp can be considered relatively abundant within the mid and lower rocky intertidal zones within eelgrass beds.  The depth at which the small shrimp can be found is 12 m maximum within the mid-intertidal zone.  For the geographic distribution, the sitka shrimp can be located within regions ranging from Alaska to Baja California (1).

(1) “Heptacarpus sitchensis (Brandt, 1851).” Inverts Walla Walla, Walla Walla University,