Lynx rufus





Lynx rufus, also referred to as Felis rufus, are found throughout California (2). L. rufus have reddish-brown with a white underbelly (3). L. rufus are also characterized by their dark spots and tufted ears (2). They are normally between 0.7-1 m long with relatively short black tipped tail, 99-150 mm (2). L. rufus are carnivores, hunting on whatever small prey is most abundant in the area (2). They most active during the twilight hours, taking advantage of the fact that their eyes have 6-8 times more rods cells than humans (1)(3). Liters of usually 2-3 L. rufus kittens are born during the spring to early summer and are raised solely by the mother (2)(3).


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(Photograph) Gerald and Buff Corsi © California Academy of Sciences


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