New Zealand spinach

Tetragonia tetragonioides



Tetragonia tetragonioides is not native to California. The origin of this plant isn’t exactly known. It has been debated that the plant came from South America, but it has generally been accepted that the plant originates from East Asia, New Zealand, and Australia (1). It is considered an invasive plant by the California Invasive Plant Council (2). This is a mat-forming plant that hugs the ground and is drought and heat tolerant. Even though it’s commonly named New Zealand Spinach, it isn’t actually a true spinach. It can be eaten, specifically the branch tips and leaves (3). Its flavor has been stated as similar to the cultivated spinach (4). This plant has small, yellow flowers and produces fruit that dry up and split open (5).

Native: Not Native to California

Flowering Period: April - September

Nature Serve Global Ranking: GNR

Nature Serve State Ranking: SNA


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