Coal Oil Point dunes and waves

Apply to Do Research

Quick guide to apply to conduct research at COPR:

1- Email the reserve director about your intent (

2- Submit a research Application (project description and information)

3- Submit a research Reservation (activity description, dates, and people).

4- Submit Visits (on the Reservation page, click Edit, and Add visits) for additional days doing the same activity.

YES, you need to submit a new visit each time you visit the reserve. 

5. New projects that spur from the original one, require a new application and reservation, particularly new student projects.

To apply to conduct research at COPR, first contact the reserve director ( to discuss if the COPR is a suitable site for your project.  If so, then you will need to submit an online application to  

Please describe your project sufficiently such that the question and methods are clear. 

The Natural Reserve System supports all kinds of research projects, as long as they do not cause long-term damage to the reserve's habitats or species. Experiments that have large manipulations or introduction of genotypes (reciprocal transplants) are not permitted at COPR.  

Facilities and Uses

In 2017, a Nature Center will provide a small laboratory, exhibits, desk space, and kitchen.  Resources at the center will include library, GIS station, maps, and botanical and animal collections.  We have a number of databases including weather (NOAA CRN Station), species lists, and surveys.  Please contact us if you need more information. 

Our vision for the future is to be able to offer overnight facilities to researchers.