The Nature Center panoramic view

Using COPR Facilities and Visiting the Reserve

Coal Oil Point Reserve and its facilities are available to researchers, university level classes, 8th - 12th grade classes, and community groups doing an activity related to the reserve.  

The reserve and its facilities are not available for commercial or personal use. 

There are 3 types of applications: Research, Class (university level), and Public (all others such as community field trips, volunteer days, etc). All application types can be found here.

Before visiting, please choose the appropriate application and submit the complete form online.   If multiple visits for the same activity are planned, please open the reservation, and under the "Participants" tab, click "Add visit" (bottom right of page). More information and links are available on the pages for Research, Class, and Tours. 

The Nature Center has 50 chairs and 6 fold-out tables (6 ft long) that are available for your meeting.

The kitchen is equipped with 40 coffe mugs, 2 large drip coffee makers, microwave, and stove. We recomend you bring your own disposable paper plates, cups, etc.

We ask the users to clean the areas they used before they leave and bring the trash to the outside dumpster.  

The staff or volunteers are available to give a tour of the reserve upond request. 

Enjoy your visit!