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Payment and Rates


To check room availability please contact the Reserve Director, Cristina Sandoval.

Reserving a room at the Nature Center

Users of the reserve (researchers, classes and public field trips) may reserve a room at the Nature Center for a modest fee.  The fee pays for the building maintenance, which is not supported by the university.

Please submit an application and reservation on Rams.ucnrs.org

The Nature Center is meant to support reserve users with activities related to the reserve.  Prior to your visit, discuss the intent and room availability with the Reserve Director (sandoval@ucsb.edu).  Reservations are made by submitting an online application and reservation.


Important: users will be invoiced for the dates they used the reserved rooms.  Please identify the person responsible for payment.

Invoices may be paid by UC recharge, personal check, or credit card payments.

To pay by check: Make check payable to UC Regents and mail it to Natural Reserve System, MSRB 520, Mail Code 6150, University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150.

To pay by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): Notify the UCSB NRS campus office when you initiate the transfer by emailing Fukiko Miyazaki. For international transfers, please add enough to cover the bank fees that will be charged to the NRS.

To pay invoice by credit card: Go to NRS website and click on the "Pay Your Bill" button.

2021-22 Rate Chart for Coal OilPoint Reserve
 Description Unit UC Non UC
Office at COPR field station per day $11.00 $17.44
Nature Center rooms
Meeting Room per full day $100.00 $158.50
Kitchen  per hour $8.00 $12.68
Office Space  per day $7.00 $11.00
Office Space  per month $122.00 $193.37
Classroom (10 capacity)   per day $50.00 $79.25
Conference Room  per full day $50.00 $79.25
Laboratory (8 person capacity) per day $5.00 $7.93
Laboratory per month $42.00 $66.57
Staff Service
Reserve Director assistance per hour $90.00 $142.65
Steward Steward/Staff assistance per hour $58.00 $91.93