Nature Center at Coal Oil Point

The Nature Center at Coal Oil Point Reserve opened in the Fall 2017, and is owned by the University of California. 


Public Visiting Hours

The Nature Center is open to the public every Saturday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, or by appointment.  (Exceptions are posted on our homepage.)  Our exhibit area showcases research projects, conservation programs, and the natural history of the reserve.  Feel free to drop in any Saturday between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. No RSVP required. 

We are located on Slough Road just before the yellow gate to the reserve.  A map of location can be found here. 


Facility Reservations

The Nature Center provides working and gathering spaces for users of the reserve such as researchers, classes, and volunteers.  The Nature Center has an adminstrative wing to house staff, host meetings, provide laboratory space, and office desks for interns and visiting scholars. There is also an exhibit area that showcases research projects, conservation programs, and the natural history of the reserve. 

All rooms must be reserved in advance by contacting the Reserve Director (sandoval@ucsb.edu) and submitting a reserve application and reservation.

The Nature Center is supported by small use fees and donations.  If you want to support the Nature Center, please contact the Reserve Director, Cris Sandoval, or any of the development staff mentioned in the Get Involved page. 

Please check Rates Here.

Nature Center view of 2 walls of main exhibit room

Meeting room, research exhibits, and dining room

The meeting room has a 54 sitting capacity and can be used for user events such as lectures and workshops. 

Wall posters showcase the various habitats that can seen along reserve's trail and the the UC Natural Reserve System. 

An annexed room contains exhibits interpreting the findings of research projects conducted at the reserve. 

The dining room has posters about the endangered and rare species of the reserve. 

The room is equipped with a smart TV.  


Nature Center laboratory


A small wet laboratory can be used by classes or researchers.  There are 2 tables with 8 chairs.  Dissecting and compound scopes are available to users.  

The laboratory does not have a fume hood so toxic chemicals cannot be used in this facility. 


Students and researchers can use the office at the Nature Center while working on the reserve.  

Nature Center classroom


The classroom has 5 large tables with 10 chairs (more chairs can be added) and a Smart TV.

Nature Center conference room view

Conference Room

The conference room has a large central table with 15 chairs, and a Smart TV.