Parking and Directions


Coal Oil Point shows up on Google Maps if you'd like to see this visually!

DRIVING?  From the 101: Exit Glen Annie/Storke and turn onto Storke towards the ocean.  Take Storke until it hits El Colegio.  At this point, Storke turns into Slough Road- but you have to stay to the right of Storke Rd to enter Slough Rd.  Slough Road will lead to a locked yellow gate.  This is the entrance to Coal Oil Point Reserve.   

BIKING from Campus or Isla Vista?  Go to Del Playa Drive in IV and head away from campus (west) all the way until the road ends (at Camino Majorca Rd).  You will continue onto a dirt bike path that runs along the bluffs.  Continue on this path for about half a mile until you reach an area with several brown buildings.  


Limited parking spaces inside of the gate exists for class, research or field trips.  The reserve has a locked gate and the combination to the gate changes frequently.  The gate code will be provided after the application is approved.  Using the reserve's parking area for beach recreation is strictly prohibited and the vehicle will be towed.  

For self-guided tours, birding, and other informal activities, you may park at the UCSB parking lot before the reserve's locked gate, on Seaway Drive.  Note that there are parking meters in that lot.