The restoration program at Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR) was created to restore habitats damaged by early ranching activities in the 1800’s. These activities removed the native vegetation, and weeds took hold after the land was abandoned. Ecological restoration attempts to restore the natural vegetation composition before European disturbances, around 200 years ago.

Staff, students, and volunteers collect locally sourced seeds, propagate them in the greenhouse, and plant the seedlings at the beginning of the rainy season. Invasion by exotic weeds is frequent so are search for new invasions and remove the weeds.  

We propagate our plants from seeds collected on the reserve or nearby sites to preserve the genetics of the original local population. This is to preserve the adaptations that the plants here have evolved to the local climate, soils, pollinators, etc.

We train students in restoration ecology skills. We offer 8 to 10 paid student internships in restoration and land stewardship every year. We also host workdays with various student groups during the winter quarter. If you are interested in participating in these opportunities please email the Resource Manager, Armando Aispuro,


Armando Aispuro