Bird Monitoring

Birders count birds at the reserve daily, but these data are seldom associated with a specific area.  Therefore, they cannot be used to study trends over time.  For this type of study, the abundance and diversity of birds need to be measured in the same way, and within the same area, every time.  

In February 2015, Coal Oil Point Reserve implemented a long-term monitoring program to measure bird abundance and diversity within 10 permanent sampling areas on the reserve.  These surveys provide useful data for researchers and students and allow us to understand how birds use these habitats.

The specific goals for this project include:

1)  Provide a species list with relative abundance of bird species as a quick assessment for researchers inquiring about the reserve as a field site

2)  Evaluate changes in bird abundance and diversity over time, particularly in association with climate change

3)  Understand how certain bird species use the reserve, with focus on species at risk to guide stewardship and management actions.