Full Length Films by Michael Love

Duration:  1 hour

Description:  This 2015 film by local film maker Michael Love tells the inspiring story of the restoration of Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR). COPR’s native wetlands and precious coastal-strand environment are home to the threatened Western Snowy Plover and Tidewater Goby. After a decade of care by COPR Director Cristina Sandoval, the Snowy Plover is breeding again and the protected and yet accessible reserve attracts a myriad of birds. Birders, researchers, and nature enthusiasts flock to the area to observe the wildlife. In contrast to ongoing tragedies of human environmental degradation, the film reveals the people behind this successful restoration project and their invitation to the public to respect and enjoy it.

Duration:  45 minutes

Description:  The threatened Western Snowy Plover lives on our west coast beaches nesting in the open sand.  This is a full length film detailing the natural history and recovery efforts of the species.

Short Films by Michael Love

Duration:  9 minutes

Description:  A short film about the seasonality and ecology of Devereux Slough at Coal Oil Point Reserve.

Duration:  10 minutes

Description: This beautiful film introduces us to the natural history of the threatened Western Snowy Plover and invites the public to play a part in the recovery of the species by simply learning to share its habitat.