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Fast Facts

Administering Campus: UC Santa Barbara

Established: 1970

Location: Goleta, Santa Barbara County, 4 miles west of the UCSB campus.

Size: 170 acres, owned by UC.

Site Elevation: Sea level to 50 ft m above mean sea level 

Average Precipitation: 38 cm (15 in.) per year

Temperatures Range:
August maximum: 24ºC (75ºF)
January minimum: 6ºC (42ºF)



COPR Graduate Research Award

2020 deadline TBA.  Email for more info.

COPR offers protected coastal habitats for short- and long-term research projects.  As natural coastal habitats diminish and are threatened by sea level rise, we need science more than ever to help us understand and protect this rare ecosystem.  We invite researchers in any discipline to help build knowledge about the reserve and create solutions for our future.

Our knowlegeable staff can help you locate sites or species that you plan to study.  We can help researchers connect with others to share information.  

The photographic species guide can help researchers identify species in their research site or assist researchers in deciding if COPR is a potential study site for their projects. 

The staff maintains several GIS layers about the reserve's resources.  These include topography, habitats, special species, restoration history, aerial maps, etc.  

NOAA maintains a weather station and the data is available on their website.  The data is uploaded every 5 minutes.   

All published papers and unpublished reports about research conducted at the reserve are catalogued in Zotero.  

We hope to be able to offer overnight facilities for researchers when the COPR Nature Center opens in the Fall of 2017. 

All research projects require prior approval from the director.  Please fill out an online application on