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COPR Beaches: Modeling the Impacts of Climate Change


What We Can Learn from the Undisturbed Tick Populations at COPR

How COPR’s Mud Tells the History of the California Coastline


Research in progress:

Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Coastal Processes Study

Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch Soil Moisture Studies

Tick population dynamics and Lyme disease risk in Southern California

Sandy Beach Food Web

Gray Whales Count

Snowy Plover Breeding Season Monitoring

MARINe (Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network) Monitoring

Rapids assessment of endangered species and lagoon condition during a year of anticipated hydrologic variation in Southern California

Pilot Tidewater Goby Training for Restoration Practioners

The ecological and evolutionary effects of estuary seasonal closure of estuaries on the California killifish, Fundulus parvipinnis in Southern California

Santa Barbara Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Pismo Clams Surveys

Fog drip quantification and chemistry

Evaluating ecological function of urbanized sandy beach ecosystems

Variability of coastal populations of Schoenoplectus pungens

Do species co-occurrence and environmental filtering determine community composition?

The Effects of the Refugio Oil Spill on the Nesting and Feeding Behavior of Western Snowy Plovers


Recent publications:


MacDonald, Andrew J., et al. "Lyme disease risk in southern California: abiotic and environmental drivers of Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) density and infection prevalence with Borrelia burgdorferi." Parasites & Vectors 10.1 (2017): 7.


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