Our visitors include college level and 8th-12th grade classes, birders, joggers, hikers, and volunteers.  

Classes and organized groups must fill out an online application and reservation prior to their visit.  

Please note that visits to the BEACH or the SLOUGH Road are also within the reserve and require an application.  

The staff reviews the applications daily and will usually respond within 2 days. Visitations have increased dramatically in the last fews years; to avoid overuse only one group per day is allowed in the same habitat.   Planning your visit ahead will help you make sure your chosen dates are available. 

The reserve provides parking for groups, guided tours, and a variety of other logistical support.  Parking is very limited.  For more information, please visit the pages for each visit category.

Maximum group sizes:

College classes: 40

8th-12th grades: 20 (must be guided by reserve staff or volunteer)

Other: varies depending on use. Contact the reserve director, Cristina Sandoval.

Restrictions and seasonal closures:

Classes and tour groups are permitted on approved trails and on the beach, outside of the Snowy Plover fenced habitat.  Please do not approch the plover fence.  Stay near the ocean's edge.  Other habitats are available for college class projects upon request to the reserve director.  

The beach along the Snowy Plover nesting area may be closed to large groups during the nesting season (April-July) to reduce the risk of trampling on small chicks that walk outside from the nesting area. Small groups (less than 20) may visit the snowy plover nesting area if accompanied by the coordinator, Jessica Nielsen.